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Purest Sea Buckthorn Juice

Purest Sea Buckthorn Juice

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  • Fresh Tibetan sea buckthorn juice with zero preservatives  
  • Great for heart health 
  • Strengthens immune system 
  • Helps to treat cancer 
  • Helps in the proper functioning of the digestive tract
  • Makes your skin shiny, spotless, and smooth


Boosts immunity

Sea buckthorn juice is great to strengthen immunity and thus helps to prevent infections and make you healthy, overall. 

Supports heart health

It's believed that sea buckthorn reduces bad cholesterol and maintains heat health. After consulting the doctor, heart patients can consume the juice with their medicines. 

Lowers blood pressure 

Sea buckthorn is believed to thin the blood and help in lowering high blood pressure. If you have hypertension and you consume the juice for at least 6 months you'll notice normal blood pressure. 

Treats dryness of eyes 

A study has shown that sea buckthorn is good to treat dry eyes and maintain eye health. 

Sea buckthorn skin benefits

The vitamins and minerals in sea buckthorn make your skin smooth, shiny, and youthful. The juice is believed to naturally treat wrinkles and sagging skin as well. 

Proper liver functioning 

There is no scientific evidence but Sea buckthorn is widely used to prevent liver diseases. 

Supports cancer treatment

As sea buckthorn fights with free radicals so it can prevent or stop tumors from spreading. People take sea buckthorn juice along with their proper treatment to speed up the treatment process. Again, there's no scientific evidence but as the juice is great for your overall health so you can consume it after asking your doctor. 


  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin A
  • Minerals 
  • Flavonoids 
  • Carotenoids 
  • Phenolic acid 
  • Oleic acid 
  • Fiber 


There's no specific dosage as it depends upon why you're using it. Generally, you can have 25 ml of juice per day. 

What is Sea Buckthorn Juice?

Sea buckthorn is a plant that typically grows in China and certain areas of Europe. It's derived from a Greek word that means glittery horse. The ancient Greeks witnessed that the horses that grazed on sea buckthorn were healthy, strong, and had shiny, smooth hair. After that, sea buckthorn was used to treat various health conditions. Chinese and Russians use sea buckthorn today also, with the belief that it cures many diseases. 

Sea buckthorn flower, seed, fruit, and leaves are used in medicines, cosmetics, and food products. Usually, oil is extracted from the seeds through a cold-press procedure that results in pure and organic sea buckthorn oil. This oil can be applied topically or is used in cosmetics and other beauty products. 

Sea buckthorn juice is made by compressing the fruit to extract 100% pure juice. This juice can be consumed for medicinal purposes or is used in food items like jellies, juices, and sauces. The juice has a characteristic smell and tastes that most people like but some people don't find it pleasant so they use the juice by combining it with their favorite beverage. The taste of Tibetan sea buckthorn juice is good as compared to sea buckthorn juice obtained from other areas. 

How is it Prepared

FloraBerry obtains 100% pure sea buckthorn juice that is prepared by cold pressing the fruit and obtaining juice. This juice has no preservatives and chemicals so you can consume it to gain maximum health benefits. The juice is yellowish in color and has a characteristic smell and taste. 

As the juice is organic with no preservatives, you have to store it below 5°C and consume it within 1 month after opening the bottle. 

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    Free shipping across Pakistan within 5-7 working days. 

  • Verified 

    Recommended by holistic health professionals. 

  • Cruelty-Free 

    No chemicals, preservatives or additives.

  • Guaranteed Results 

    Proven results with 14 days money-back guarantee. 

Rich in Vitamins 

Sea buckthorn juice is rich in vitamins that maintain your overall health and are especially great for your skin. 

Goodness in Every Sip

Every sip boosts your health and enhances your beauty. Make it a part of your daily routine to enjoy the benefits!  

Fights free radicals

As sea buckthorn is an antioxidant, it is capable of killing free radicals that might form tumors (both malignant and benign).