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100% Natural Tumuru Tea

100% Natural Tumuru Tea

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  • From mountains of Hunza to your home
  • Enjoy the goodness of wild thyme with every sip 
  • Soothes respiratory issues 
  • Aids digestion 
  • Treats memory issues 
  • Makes your skin smooth and youthful 
  • Treats infertility 


Good for heart health 

Tumuru tea maintains heart health by lowering blood pressure. So, if you have hypertension, take tumuru tea daily and you'll notice that the blood pressure will lower down in a few days. It has been proven that people who drink tumuru tea daily keep away from heart issues and hypertension. 

Sharpens memory

If you can't remember things due to weak memory then tumuru tea will be great for you. It strengthens your nervous system and brain. Thus it makes your memory strong as well. 

Natural skin tonic 

As tumuru tea has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, it's a tonic for your skin as well. It makes your skin smooth, shiny, and youthful. Drinking tumuru tea daily can help treat your acne and aging effects. 

Controls diabetes 

You can control your diabetes by drinking tumuru tea daily. Tumuru maintains the health of your kidneys and also solves various urinary tract problems. Tumuru tea not only keeps you hydrated but the antibacterial properties keep away urinary tract infections as well. 

Cures respiratory issues 

Tumuru tea solves a wide range of respiratory system problems such as congestion, cough, and flu. It soothes you and helps relieve chest congestion and nasal blockage. 

Treats infertility 

Tumuru tea is also said to cure infertility. Although more research is needed on this, it's said to balance hormonal issues and help in conceiving. 

How To Use 

Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of tumuru tea in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it simmer on low flame. Cover it for another 2 minutes and strain it. Sip this delicious and miraculous tea early in the morning or whenever you feel like. You can add organic honey to it to enhance the taste. 


Tumuru or wild thyme contains thymol and other antioxidants that maintain the health of your vital organs. 

What is Tumuro Tea

Tumuru or wild thyme is a herb that grows on the mighty Himalayan Mountains, particularly in Hunza. Growing at over 8000 ft altitudes, tumuru is packed with health benefits. In fact, the people of Hunza have been using it for thousands of years and reaping its benefits for a healthy life through tumuru tea.

People of Hunza hand pick this miraculous herb and let it dry. They brew it to make Hunza herbal tea or tumuru tea. This tea is used for health benefits and for culinary purposes. Tumuru tea has proven to be a healthy addition to your daily tea intake and a great substitute to black tea. 

Sea buckthorn flower, seed, fruit, and leaves are used in medicines, cosmetics, and food products. Usually, oil is extracted from the seeds through a cold-press procedure that results in pure and organic sea buckthorn oil. This oil can be applied topically or is used in cosmetics and other beauty products. 

Sea buckthorn juice is made by compressing the fruit to extract 100% pure juice. This juice can be consumed for medicinal purposes or is used in food items like jellies, juices, and sauces. The juice has a characteristic smell and tastes that most people like but some people don't find it pleasant so they use the juice by combining it with their favorite beverage. The taste of Tibetan sea buckthorn juice is good as compared to sea buckthorn juice obtained from other areas. 


Antioxidant properties 

Tumuru tea is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. 

Color and taste of tumuru tea

Tumuru tea is greenish in color and has a sweet minty odor. 

Medicinal properties of tumuru tea

Tumuru has medicinal properties due to the minerals and vitamins present in it 

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Rich in Taste 

Tumuru tea has its original rich flavor of fresh wild thyme. Smell the freshness of organic ingredients hand-picked from the mountains. 

Goodness in Every Sip

Every sip boosts your health and enhances your beauty. Make it a part of your daily routine to enjoy the benefits!  

100% Natural 

Flora Berry has the purest form of Tumuru tea in Pakistan, made from hand-picked fruit from Gilgit, just for you.