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Protein Bars by Protein Kitchen

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Are you a fitness enthusiast, diet-conscious person, or just a regular human who loves to eat delicious yet healthy snacks? Now pump up 10 to 12 g of protein per bar with these tempting, super-healthy, and 100% natural protein bars that are made by the Protein Kitchen and delivered safely at your doorstep by FloraBerry. Eat them on the go as a snack or top your favorite cereal with these protein bars to stay healthy and active.

No bull-shit

  • Made from 100% natural, high-quality ingredients
  • No use of artificial flavors
  • No artificial color added
  • No added sugar

Protein-packed ingredients
A few healthy ingredients are combined together to form a protein-packed, yummy snack.

For anyone and everyone
Is equally beneficial for children, teens, adults, and seniors. Can be consumed safely by anyone who wants to enjoy healthy snacks. They’re perfect for health enthusiasts who want some healthy yet super-delicious snacks in their bag all the time.

Made with love and care
Made by people who are cautious about cleanliness, healthy ingredients, and great taste.

You can munch 1 to 2 protein bars daily. Chew them as is or add bits of them in your morning cereal to have an energy-packed, healthy, and scrumptious morning meal.

Cocoa & Hazelnuts Protein Bar

  • Dates (48 %).
  • Dried EGG WHITES (17 %).
  • Cocoa mass.
  • Hazelnuts.
  • Aroma.
  • Sea salt

Cocoa & Peanuts Protein Bar

  • Dates (48 %).
  • Dried EGG WHITES (17 %).
  • Cocoa mass.
  • Peanuts.
  • Natural flavorings.
  • Sea salt.

Coconut & Almonds Protein Bar

  • Dates (46%).
  • Dried egg whites (20%).
  • Cocoa mass.
  • Almonds (11%).
  • Coconut (5%).
  • Natural flavorings.

Who doesn’t want to munch on tempting bars made of healthy ingredients with zero additives? Protein Kitchen has come forward to give you these delicious treats with the name of “protein bars”. Protein Kitchen is known worldwide for producing healthy snacks and drinks with high-quality, 100% natural ingredients.

The great thing about these protein bars is that anyone can consume them as a daily protein booster. They’re a perfectly healthy meal option for kids, pregnant women, and seniors. People who work out daily can also consume these healthy treats to meet their body’s daily protein demand.

Why are protein bars the best snacks for everyone?
Protein bars not only satisfy your tastebuds and hunger but also provide your body with protein that’s necessary for optimum functioning.

The protein bars are ONLY made with natural ingredients with zero additives. They’re made carefully, ensuring the use of clean products with careful packaging and transportation. So, you’ll be sure you’re having healthy and clean protein-rich food.

The bars are packed in paper rather than aluminum foil. This makes it environment-friendly as well.

When you have all these reasons then why deprive your taste buds of these protein treats?

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