About Flora Berry

Flora Berry is another name for cleanest, purest, nourishing, and organic body, skin, and hair products.

Hand-picked and fresh ingredients that nourish your body and soul were always enticing for us. This inspiration led to the idea of creating a brand that caresses you with natural ingredients obtained from the Mighty Himalayas – for unmatched goodness and purity.

Flora Berry is the brainchild of a multidisciplinary trio team; Irfan, Faisal, and Saima – having vast experience and knowledge in the field of organic wellness and non-invasive beauty and health regimen.

Our Goal

We are focused on two commitments:

We Love Your Skin And Hair!

Our natural oils and products contain all the vitamins and minerals in the optimum range. The oils are packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which stop the breakdown of collagen and elastin, making skin youthful and healthier. The oils can also be used to visibly reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, naturally. Want a clear scalp, with no dandruff and dryness? Try our hair oils to bless new life to your hair with extra bounce and strength.

What’s more, our range of specialty supplements provides safe solutions to various health problems for a healthy and active you. We cordially welcome everyone who loves to treat their body, skin, and hair with the best organic products. Check out our products now and add your favorites to the basket.